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[Zion Christian Mission Center] “Give and receive without cost”
The 12 tribes of Shinchonji can produce over 1,000 students each month
Posted 6/29/2012 3:23:00 PM | Updated 2012-06-29 오후 3:23:37   

Worldly seminary schools that buy and sell authority: “Pay money and learn”
Shinchonji’s Zion Christian Mission Center: “Give and receive without cost”

The CCK is claiming they are orthodoxy. This is like Calvin who label other denominations that don’t match their own church doctrines as a cult.

From the perspective of Shinchonji Church of Jesus (Acronym: ‘Shinchonji’), the CCK looks like an organization of false truth. It is not truth, but they are ruling with their own authority of church doctrines. To gain ecclesiastical authority the pastors are purchasing this with money today. There are those who haven’t even set a foot into a seminary school yet with money they purchase their way in becoming a pastor. The chairman of CCK also became the chairman by paying money. Not only pastors but the elders are the same. One time a chairman from a certain denomination came to Shinchonji saying he would ordain people here as pastors and elders if they paid $300 per person.

Some two pastors also brought pre-recorded notes which said, “will transfer church and church members to the pastors” written on it and they told us to place their stamp on the paper. They said this work was a command from God. 

Not only that but the forceful conversion education people of CCC (Cult countermeasure committee), which was established by the CCK, received hundreds of dollars to do a forceful conversion education and to plant in false truth. According to the victims who were dragged into these forceful conversion education program, the forceful conversion education people (pastors) will command the parents to tie the victims hands and feet with a handcuff, to place tape over their lips, to steal their cell phones, to put them inside of a car and then send them to a one room place that has its doors locked and they would forcefully drag them to the conversion education pastors so that the victim could be planted with the false truth.

God said to “buy without cost” (Reference: Rv 21:6, 22:17), He also said to “freely you have received, freely give” (Reference: Mt 10:8). He did not say to “pay and learn. Pay money and then receive authority.”

These people persecuted Shinchonji because they taught freely without cost in their seminary. Which one is true according to the Bible? Also, which one is a true path of faith?

Just like how Jesus and the twelve disciples taught the word of God without receiving money, today Shinchonji is teaching freely in their Bible centers according to the teachings of God and Jesus. They are freely giving the water of life without any cost.

Zion Christian Mission Center, which is a free (Rv 22:17) Bible center, is a place where the harvested people are sealed with the new word (new song) that is the revealed word of the fulfillment of prophecies, and created the twelve tribes. This is the place where the throne in the spiritual realm and God will together be with. From the whole world, the revealed word of the new song can only come out from this place. This place is Shinchonji Church of Jesus the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony that has been fulfilled according to the words of the Bible.

Just like how at the time of Moses the covenant with Abraham was fulfilled (Ex 12), just like how at the time of Jesus’ first coming the Old Testament was fulfilled (Reference: Jn 19:30), there is a fulfillment to the New Testament and that fulfillment that has been fulfilled is being testified to (Reference: Rv 1:2, Rv 10, Rv 22:16)

At Shinchonji, we are doing the work of fulfilling the New Testament, which no one else has ever done (Reference: Rv 21:6). Therefore even if one is given the entire world, this is a precious word that cannot be purchased, which is why it is taught for free. Although in the beginning the word might sound unfamiliar, and there might be many people who doubt and do not believe, but to those who persevere to the end will change in their hearts and be reborn.

▲ The 12 tribes of Shinchonji can produce over 1,000 students each month

Just like how in Rv 22 the tree of life bears fruit each month on its 12 branches, the 12 tribes of Shinchonji is producing over 1,000 students each month.

Just like how in Jn 15 Jesus is the tree of life, they are the first fruits who have been born of that word of life.

They have graduated from Zion Christian Mission Center according to God’s will and they have not graduated from worldly seminaries. One must keep in mind that they have learned the things from heaven and have graduated from heaven.

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