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Zion Christian Mission Center
Zion Christian Mission Center, where people become the firstfruits of God
Posted 6/15/2012 3:00:00 PM | Updated 2012-06-29 오후 3:00:55   

Picture Caption: Currently, there are about 300 Shinchonji Zion Christian Mission Centers in 13 different countries.

Zion Christian Mission Center, where people become the firstfruits of God.
The pride of Shinchonji is  the pride of God! There are about 300 Mission Centers in 13 different countries of the world, including the German church that received a lot of attention due to the Chairman’s visit to Europe this time.

Last November, about 6,000 graduates gathered for the combined graduation ceremony in the region of Seoul and Gyeonggi, letting known that rapid increase of Shinchonji to the whole world.

Zion Christian Mission Center produced 20,000 graduates in last year alone, with 85,000 graduates total, and it is established in the United States, China, Japan, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Austria, Italy, Australia, South Africa, India, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. There are also hundreds of former ministers that accepted the Truth of Shinchonji through the Center and submitted their certificates of ordination.

Zion Christian Mission Center, established according to the Bible
Zion Christian Mission Center, an institution of education that is free of cost to attend, creates the Twelve Tribes by sealing the new Word (new song), the Revealed Word of fulfillment of prophecies to the members who have been harvested according to the Bible. Because of this, this is the place where the throne of the spiritual realm and God are with. Just as Jesus and the twelve disciples taught God’s Word without receiving money, today’s Shinchonji is also following the teachings of God and Jesus to give freely the water of life.
Because of such education, all the members of Shinchonji are proud of their high level of Biblical knowledge, even higher than ministers.

Zion Christian Mission Center, the core strength of the growth of Shi
chonji, teaches the Bible that used to seem so difficult to understand in an easy and an interesting way. It matches to the level of the students from the Beginning level to the Advanced, teaching with an organized and a systematic method so that the words of the Bible will be sealed in the hearts of the students.

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